CEFP Recertification

Recertification Handbook NEW!! Recertification Handbook

Print off this new supplemental guide to learn more about how to keep your CEFP Certification active. Learn more about the value of maintaining your credential and what is required to keep it active. Use the templates created for you to help you keep track of your APPA units and verify your employment. Get answers to the most commonly asked questions and much more!

Please note that the CEFP credential must be maintained through a combination of 120 APPA Units that must be earned within a four-year period. If the 120 APPA Units is not attained on or prior to your anniversary renewal date, your CEFP credential will expire immediately. APPA will remove your name from the recognition area on our website and you will not be allowed to use the CEFP designation behind your name and/or title. It will also be necessary to successfully take and pass the CEFP exam in order to attain the CEFP designation again.

Click the APPA Units Matrix icon button to view how your required 120 APPA Units can be earned every four (4) years.

For those of you who already have your CEFP, you will need to track and manage your 120 APPA Units across the four areas noted below.

  • Total APPA Units Needed: 120
  • Total APPA Units Earned: Please login to see your details.
  • APPA Experience Units

    APPA Education Units

    APPA Leadership Units

    APPA Research/Publications Units

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