The APPA Credentialing Course is a 90 day (13 week) online course designed to help you prepare for either the CEFP or EFP examination with peers across APPA's six (6) regions. APPA also offers the same course over an 8 week timeframe to help fit busy work or personal schedules.

All of the courses offer the same Customized Interactive Learning Platform which consists of a Forum, Interactive Flashcards, Learning Modules with knowledge checks, 4 Live Webinars, Practice Exams and Quizzes, access to the Study Guide and BOK. After completing the course, you will have 30 days to take your exam.

When you register for the Credentialing Course, you will select a Cohort Group to join. You will have access to the study material once you register for the course. Below are the dates of the scheduled groups you can select when registering for the program. You will only be allowed to select one group and you will not be able to change once your group begins.

PLEASE NOTE: When registering with a regional discount coupon, you are making a commitment (to your region) that you will take the exam at the conclusion of the prep course.

The CIL Cohort Groups below will last for 90 days (13 weeks); 3 weeks per core area of the BOK and include 4 live webinars, all of the CIL learning tools and 30 days to test.

COHORTBeginEndFromUntilCurrent Status
Group TAugust 10, 2018October 31, 2018November 01, 2018December 06, 2018In Progress
Group UOctober 01, 2018December 23, 2018December 24, 2018January 28, 2019Open for Registration

The APPA Groups below will last for 8 weeks; 2 week per core area of the BOK and include 4 live webinars, all of the CIL learning tools and 30 days to test.

COHORTBeginEndFromUntilCurrent Status
APPA Group 8July 20, 2018September 13, 2018September 14, 2018October 15, 2018In Progress
APPA Group 9September 17, 2018November 11, 2018November 12, 2018December 11, 2018Closed

Climb Higher

The Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) credential represents the highest standards of performance and understanding in educational facilities management.

CEFP is the only facilities credential that focuses on your professional development, while encompassing the full, multi-disciplinary range of educational facilities management principles and practices – from planning, design and construction to daily operations and general management.

The APPA CEFP Credentialing Curriculum will give you access to the latest theory and understanding as well as provide you with the professional competency needed in today’s facilities management profession. The new and improved course is now available to you completely online!

Active CEFP and EFP Recipients

  • CEFP Recipients

    Ruth Haynam - Robert Morris University
    Gary Arnold - Auburn University
    Robert Nash - Southern Arkansas University
    David Blatchly - University of Vermont
    William Moulton - Northern Kentucky University
    Laura Gay - Middle Georgia State College
    Chip Hornburg - Michigan State University
    Larry Gregory - Anne Arundel Community College
    Candi DeBardelaben - University of Alabama in Huntsville
    Dan Byerly - University of Wisconsin Colleges
    Bryan Green - Michigan State University
    Roy Marquez - Waukesha County Technical College
    Shawn Rawson - Michigan State University
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  • EFP Recipients

    Jonathan Howard - Arkansas State University
    Jeffrey Guintivano - University of North Texas
    Dan Jensen - University of Calgary
    Paul Fendrick - State College of Florida - Manatee
    Julie Brooks - Pennsylvania State University
    Mike Brown - Pennsylvania State University
    Alison Dougherty - Pennsylvania State University
    KENNETH FREDERICK - Pennsylvania State University
    Sandy Lightner - Pennsylvania State University
    Robert Phillips - Pennsylvania State University
    Tim Pryor - Pennsylvania State University
    Melissa Weber - Pennsylvania State University
    Michael Wolfe - Pennsylvania State University
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